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Fabric bird in her yarn bowl.

Friday, 19 May 2017

I found some things..

during my sorting and culling this week.I made these a while back, and remembered making quite a few fabric bowls and birds.I also sold quite a few at a local cafe where we know the people quite well. I have loads of lovely yarns, so I thought I'd make a few more bowls to hold buttons, threads etc when I sit watching tv. 

 I zig zag stitch some places several times, so my bowls are very tight.You could make them much looser and they would grow more quickly.If I can find the You Tube video, I'll put it up.I have tried one flower with my looms. I discovered you really do need 4 ply wool!!!

Doesn't she look cute sitting in her nest!

New Bowl. 

This makes a nice container to put buttons and threads in.
And Bird Nests for my little birds!

Back to early morning walking.Love it!Then I don't feel guilty that I have yet to walk later in the day!
Hope you have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Busy Busy!!

Little Sewing Lady Brooches, more robots etc.

For a story as to why I make dolls for children go HERE
I saw Auntie this week, and she loves the little doll and book packages! We looked into her boxes of fabrics, and she wants to make some for the children. I will sew the bodies, and she will stuff them and put on the button eyes.Auntie finished a knitted doll last week, and I always make a big fuss of her efforts, as I know it can be tricky for her with her memory lapses.I might also make up some Robots for her to sew button eyes onto. 
I made lots of heads the other night, so I sewed them onto the little dolls. 
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I often work on more than one thing at once, and roam across different styles, types of projects etc.

Cute little sewing lady brooch finished.

Little Cellophane Gift bags 

I found some little knitted Christmas characters in one of the Gifts Boxes I sorted out.

This is what the little bags look like. I have 69 at this stage!

Autumn Clearing!!
This week I have "ATTACKED" lots of boxes from our garage. Over the years I have stored several boxes of Mum's dolls, loads of Christmas decorations for her room, gifts suitable for her Carers for birthdays and can imagine I have had a LOT of boxes in there.And that's not counting my fabrics, scrapbook gear, yarns, ribbons.....I find it horrible getting rid of Mum's dolls etc as she loved making them that we have had her funeral, I don't need to keep the dolls. I displayed lots at her funeral, and people loved them.The displays looked lovely.I do Displays quite well, as I have had many,many years' practise. I have kept one or two, and a few for Auntie, but the rest have gone. I have taken photos of the ones that have gone, so I can make them into scrapbook pages.I am making a page a week, and doing pages of my dolls too. That way I don't have to store them.

I have now got a nice neat painting,cutting, scrapping area there, and am slowly whittling down my fabric stash as well as braids stash. Making the dolls is a great way to use up my stash. 
My Sweet Neighbour.!
My dear,dear neighbour had a day off from work today, and came down for a chat. I do love to see her, as she's a person who is just so easy to talk to.We just seem to be on the same wavelength and she's one of those people I could talk with for a good 4 hours without even beginning to run out of things to say.I try not to bombard her , and let her talk as well!! I often catch myself doing too much talking as I don't see that many people who think like me, and it can be lonely!I make sure my dear friend gets her fair  share of "air time"!!  We read the same books, think the same politically, have similar life values!! And she's a good" laugher"! I think laughter is so essential for healthy living. She also has the same quirky sense of humour!

Tomorrow I am getting into a big box of "Carers and Mum's friends Gift Box.I think some might b suitable to put in the little cellophane gift bags I am making for the children.
Hope you're having a good week!

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